Microsoft has mostly made it impossible to add a standard Internet Email account in Outlook starting with some version of Outook 2016 where they added a "Simplified Account Creation" system.  This will only work if the server you are connecting does things in a very precise way.  While there has always been some of this with Outlook the latest version has no easy fix for this problem.  In the past we could let the simplified method just fail and then it would offer the fields necessary to connect to a standard Unix system.  Not any more.  

The official "fix" for this from Microsoft works but requires the user edit a Registry entry.  You can reference the instructions for doing this here.

Another solution is to find the older setup program which is still included with Outlook.  Like many MS Office files this mght be located in more than one place and so if you can go into File Explorer and search for OLCFG (this search could take a LONG time so be very patient).  Then double-click on that program and you will see the older setup program. This will be OLCFG.EXE.

Then you would do the following:

  1. Click on Setup email accounts and directories.
  2. From the subsequent Account Settings panel click on "New".
  3. Enter Your Name, Email Address and Password (twice) and then click Next.
  4. The next dialog should ask your for the incoming server information even though it is poorly labelled:
    User Name: Your Email address is probably here rather than your username.  This isn't going to work anyway so just leave it alone. 
    Password: probably already there
    Click OK
  5. The process will likely fail so you will need to set this up manually by clicking Next.
  6. Select POP or IMAP and click Next. Now you finally get to see the dialog where you can enter most of what you need to. 
  7. If not already entered enter the following:
    Your Name
    Email Address
    Account Type (select IMAP or POP3)
    Incoming mail server: (for POP3 or IMAP; works as well)
    Outgoing mail server:
    User Name: enter your username here - this is NOT your Email address and this would have been given to you by OWT.  If your address is this is the first part of your Email address before the @ but if it is at a different domain it could be something altogether different. 
    Password: the password given to you by OWT - case sensitive!
    We suggest checking Remember password
    Do NOT check Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)
    Click More Settings... (button on the right)
  8. Click on the Outgoing Server tab
  9. Check the box "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authtication an dthen make sure "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" is selected as well. Click OK. 
  10. Then back on the Add Account panel click Next.  The account will be tested and should now work.  Click Close to make that dialog go away. 
  11. Click Finish and then run and sell your shares of Microsoft. Your Email should now work!