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Email Filtering (Spam Filtering)

From the beginning of online services, Email has always been one of the most valued and used features. Sadly, as time has passed this wonderful tool has become less effective and even burdensome for many because of unsolicited Emails (spam) and virus issues. Many software tools are available to deal with these issues on your computer; some even work quite well.

While Email filtering can be done as a client solution, in or in conjunction with your Email client software, we feel that a server-based solution is more practical. With a server-based solution users will not need to download all of their mail and then determine which Email is undesirable and effectively just hide that Email. First and foremost in our minds while designing this system was user control. Too much control would require a very complex system. Too little control and some users would miss valuable, desired Email. We feel we have designed a system with just enough control to allow your Email to be a valued tool once again without risking the loss of wanted messages.

For years we have filtered thousands of messages each week from known spammers. Now each user will be able to set their filter preferences for each mailbox on our mail servers. To access the mail filter configuration: Mail Filter Configuration Site