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Basic Settings

If you already know how to set things up and just need settings this page is for you. 

Service Information
Name Servers (DNS) dns1.owt.com -
dns2.owt.com -
Outgoing Mail Server smtp.owt.com
  • server requires authentication using the same settings as incoming
  • supports TLS/SSL for added security
  • you may send up to a 100MB file (yes 100MB - OWT has a much higher limit than other providers)
Incoming Mail Server


  • may use for POP3 or IMAP
  • supports TLS/SSL for added security
Webmail https://webmail.owt.com
  • user friendly but a bit old school

Alternate: https://wmail.owt.com

  • more modern but not quite as easy to understand
Your Mail Filter

Manage this at https://mailfilter.owt.com

  • set your tolerance for spam
  • maintain your exception list
  • set a vacation foward