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Privacy Policy

Corporate Privacy Policy for One World Telecommunications, Inc.

One World Telecommunications, Inc. (OWT) will never share your personal information, including your Email address, with anyone at any time unless we are acting in your behalf and at your request. OWT will try to Email you as infrequently as possible but we do use Email as our primary billing mechanism. Urgent alerts may, on rare, occasion, be Emailed to our users as well but bulk Emailing will never happen for any other reason. We respect your privacy!

If you are not an OWT customer and we have acquired your information from any web site we operate we will never share that information with anyone other than the owner organization of that web site and OWT will not send out any unsolicited Emails to you at any time for any reason.

Any customer using OWT's outgoing Email services will not be allowed to participate in unsolicited Email practices. If bulk Emailing is detected OWT will assume the customer's account has been compromised and change their access password immediately and contact the customer to request anti-virus procedures be implemented immediately. In this era of unsolicited commercial Email (UCE) OWT must take a firm stance on this and multiple violations of this practice may result in the termination of your Internet access services.

OWT expects that our customers will never share their account information (username and password) with anyone. We will NEVER request your password via Email and you should never give your password to ANYONE via Email even if you think you have a relationship with that party. This will always be a scam! If, for any reason, you feel your account information has been compromised contact OWT and we will change your password immediately.

OWT will assign un-guessable and non-trivial passwords and we ask that you understand that this is for security reasons and that you do not change these passwords to trivial and predictable passwords.

In summary, your privacy is important to us and OWT will do everything it can to protect your private information. We also expect our customers to do the same and to also respect the privacy of others and refrain from unsolicited Emailing of anyone, whether an OWT customer or not, that you do not have some ongoing relationship with.