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 Beat the Heat

With extreme heat we see more hardware related issues.  Electrical gear tends to struggle at higher temperatures. Here are a few thoughts and tips:

  • Fixed Wireless Customers - obviously your radio has to be outside your location and it can overheat in direct sunlight.  Hopefully that isn't for very long during the day.  If your radio overheats it can help to simply unplug the power supply for a period of time but be sure to look at the radio and see if it is taking direct sunlight.
  • Fiber Customers - your fiber gateway hardware is rated to perform at temperatures up to 160 degrees and so it is unlikely to be the problem even if deployed in locations without climate controls.  However, the routers and switches connected to this gear are unlikely to be rated to such a high temperature. If your gear is in a room with less than ideal climate controls you may want to look for solutions that minimize the hardware in that room.  You can run an Ethernet cable for a much as 300 feet from the fiber gateway to your router or switch if you need to.  
  • If your router and other Internet hardware is in a cabinet or enclosed area try to find more open areas for your gear.  Consumer electronics often struggle at a lower temperature than you would think and this is especially a problem when the gear itself generates heat as many networking devices do.  

Did you know that OWT repairs computers too?

We don't just provide great tech support - we can fix your ailing PC or Mac as well. From virus issues and blown up Windows to replacing drives and other components let OWT get the job done right and save you money in the process. OWT has very competitive service rates and a lot of experience with both PCs and Macs. We do quite a bit of hardware repair and just about any kind of software related repair including data recovery. We can save you or your business money!


Nervous about that upgrade? Let OWT take the hassles away for you. Call 783-3454 to make an appointment - we have openings just about every day!

Virus Woes

Exclamation Triangle RedDespite advances in anti-virus and anti-malware software virus and malware issues are as significant as ever.  What's changed the most is the severity that these infections can damage your system.  In the past even the most infected systems could be cleaned in no more than a few hours work but today we are seeing systems that are just too badly damaged to be properly cleaned.For this reason we are encouraging Windows users take certain steps to help minimize the impact of these infections:

  • First and foremost make sure you have a backup solution.  One that KEEPS you updated. There are a variety of solutions and will add some articles to this site to help with that soon.

  • Make sure you have a quality, updated anti-virus/anti-malware system that uses active scanning on your computer.  We have some recommendations but none of the free products will protect you completely.  We have a couple of solutions that we link in our recommendations section here. Understand that we are no longer recommending any of the free anti-virus solutions. If at all possible a commercial product will save you time and money in the long run!

Ransomware is a real threat these days. Security software may only partially protect you from the worst of this but when it doesn't it is in those instances where the malware tries to trick the user into clicking on something or approving something as an authorized addition that will ultimately encrypt your hard drive until you pay a ransom.  The key here is to not be tricked.  While you are casually browsing the web there is just no reason to do what a popup tells you to.  Close them or your web browser if you have to but BE CAREFUL. 

Our Hours

We monitor our services 24/7 but can actually be found in the office for technical support, billing questions or new accounts etc. Monday - Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Our technical support line is answered from 8AM to 6PM however. 

We are closed weekends and most holidays.

Department Phone Hours Email
Billing, Sales or Account Questions 509-735-0408 9 AM to 5 PM M-F  admin@owt.com
Technical Support 509-783-3454 8 AM to 6 PM M-F help@owt.com

If you have an after hours emergency our technical support voicemail will provide you with number to page an on-call technician. 

When calling technical support please make sure to let the phone ring several times as we are often working away from our desk in a noisy server area and need time to get to a quiet area to answer the phone. 


Our Status

OWT is still working our pandemic hours where the business office is open 9 AM to 5 PM.  Tech support is still here 8 AM to 6 PM but you won't be able to drop off or pickup computers outside the 9 AM - 5 PM window unless you call us and make arrangements.  

We are otherwise fully open and taking meetings etc.  If you need your computer worked on or wish to visit a co-located server here we ask that you call us first.  This will also allow us to give you some idea of our expected turn-around time.  We still strive for next day return on all but the most challenging repairs (when parts are needed etc.) but these days some issues are more time consuming even if they don't take any more actual labor time.  

Also note that, like you, we are trying to stay cool and so we may not have our blinds open so don't sit in the parking lot - we are probably open and even if a bit before we open the lobby is cooler than the parking lot.  

As always we try to be as responsive to Email as we can and often this approach may be yield a better response for you with many troubleshooting issues.  This gives us an opportunity to research your issue and maybe even try to reproduce it.  

Protect Your Passwords!!!

It's now 2020 and we STILL have customers giving up their passwords to third parties!

Please KNOW that OWT will NEVER EVER ask for your password in any abnormal way. If something doesn't look right IT ISN'T!

When we see compromised accounts we will immediately lock the account and you will need to call technical support for a new password. 

Phishing Scams

We continue to get queries from customers about this. Please remember OWT sends out billing via Email to many of our customers but otherwise almost never Email our customers. We will NEVER EVER ask you for any of your account information via Email. EVER!!! Do not fall for these phishing scams!

In reality no one does this!  If any Email wants you to verify anything and you didn't just interact with them recently then it is probably bogus.  If for some reason you think it might be real just login to that site THE WAY YOU NORMALLY DO AND NOT FROM A LINK IN THE EMAIL.

Online scams to lure customers into providing account, personal or other sensitive information are on the rise. OWT takes several steps to help prevent this sort of thing but there is only so much we can do. Most phishing scams look very legitimate. Our MailScanner will alert you to any Email where a web link points to a different web address than the address it shows you in the Email. This bright red message might be annoying in harmless Emails where the marketer put a different link in just for tracking purposes but this feature has save many from clicking on harmful links that lead to malware installation.

We would like to remind our customers that OWT, and really almost everyone that runs a legitimate business, will NEVER ask you for sensitive information via Email. If they do require additional information they will ask you to login to your existing account and THEN request that information. Even very legitimate looking requests should be intensely scrutinized and we ask that everyone think long and hard before clicking on a web link from any Email that you are not sure about.

Cost-Effective Computer Repair

Cost Effective

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