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Fiber Optic Circuits

OWT offers high speed fiber-optic based circuits at locations within the Benton and Franklin PUD service areas.  While the most common use of these circuits is to obtain access to the Internet another common use is to link multiple locations together in a wide-area network (WAN) arrangement.  In this way you can connect multiple locations at Ethernet speeds as if they were all on a single network.  

These fiber circuts are immensely reliable with really the greatest vulnerablitly related to someone actually digging up your fiber inadvertently. Rarely is there any need to reboot the gateway devices or anything else on the fiber network side of the equation.  If you are having any difficulty please contact OWT and we can look at your circuit and figure out what is happening.  Contact us at 783-3454 when you have any issue.  If you have an issue after hours you can leave a message at 987-5698 and a technician will respond ASAP.  Generally if something does go wrong it relates to multiple customer circuits and we will already know about it and someone will be working on a solution. Again, fiber connections are immensely reliable.