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Basic Troubleshooting

Over the years we have come to understand the most likely things that can go wrong with an Internet connection and Email. Here are a few tips:

  1. If you cannot send and/or receive Email be sure to first make sure your Intenernet access connection is working.  The easiest way to do this is to try to browse the web - maybe go to www.google.com. Check modem lights and reboot modems and routers if necessary.   
  2. If you cannot send Email try to see if you can receive Email.  If you can do one and not the other is means you have a setting wrong.  The most common thing we see is not configuring your outgoing mail to use authentication (same settings as incoming).  
  3. Usernames vs. Email addresses.  Since we offer other services besides Email we have traditional usernames for accounts rather than full Email addresses.   A username will not have an @ symbol in it nor contain any spaces.  Case is not important for usernames (unlike passwords).  
  4. Try webmail. If you cannot make your mail client software on your computer behave try one of our webmail products to make sure your account is working correctly.  http://webmail.owt.com or http://wmail.owt.com If your Email is working with either of our webmail products then check your settings carefully.  Where you are asked for an Email address make sure there is an @ in it and when you are asked for a username make sure there is not.