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Receiving Email

Receiving Email is really less complicated than sending and so the only thing that normally can go wrong relates to not typing in the correct settings.  Here some tips:

  • Make sure when asked for a username you do NOT enter your full Email address. 
  • Make sure you have no spaces in either your username or your Email address.
  • Case is unimportant in all entries EXCEPT password.
  • Our incoming mail server (pop3.owt.com) supports both POP3 and IMAP protocols.  Most people prefer POP3 because with IMAP your Email is left on the server.  That is great for mobile devices but for your main computer we suggest POP3. Settings are identical other than that. 
  • Incoming ports are never blocked so the default is fine but you can and we really suggest that you do use TLS or SSL to encrypt your connection and provide added secrity.  (insert NSA joke here)