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Sending Email

Alternate Outgoing Mail Port

Most providers, in a misguided attempt to block bogus outgoing Email initiated by trojans infecting Windows systems, have started blocking Port 25 - the customary port used to send outgoing Email (SMTP). Almost every large ISP has made this change so you need to be aware that the default settings for your Email client will rarely work these days.  The simple fix is to change your outgoing mail port from 25 to 587 which they do not block.

This is a common thing these days - we might be the only provider locally not blocking standard mail ports leaving their network. 

If you need any help be sure to call our tech support at 783-3454.


If you can send Email to some people but others never seem to get your Email there are generally two causes:

  • Spam filtering - the recipient mail system has filtered your Email. Not all Email users are familiar with how to retrieve Email from their spam system and may never see your Email. There are many reasons why the system might filter your Email but one very common cause is a lengthly cc: list. Try sending to the user individually.
  • Blacklisting - the recipient mail system may block your Email address or even OWT's mail server. Some automated systems see what they think is spam from a server or address and after passing some threshold they may just "blacklist" the user or their mail server. Many Windows viruses can take over the machine and be come spam robots that send spam throughout the Internet which can result in OWT's mail server being black listed by some providers.

OWT works hard to avoid any blacklisting but it can happen - especially with services that are purely automated. To check to see if OWT's mail servers have been blacklisted we suggest you use the blacklisting tool linked below.