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Email using the Windows operating system has changed quite a bit over the years.  If you have Microsoft Office and use Outlook then the operating system version doesn't make too much of a difference (the version of Outlook is the main issue).  However, if you depend on the Email program integrated into your version of Windows that can vary quite a bit from version to version. 

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows ME all came with an application called Outlook Express.  This is a fairly powerful Email program that does nothing more than Email.  

Windows Vista came with an application called Vista Mail that seemed to be an evolution from Outlook Express but, like Vista, had some issues. 

Windows 7 and Windows 8 do not come with an integrated mail client. They do provide a product you can download called Windows Live Mail or now just Windows Mail.  NOTE: Windows Mail is not a full-featured client and frankly is terrible if you need to send and receive attachments.  If you are looking for a free mail client for Windows 7 or especially 8 we recommend Thunderbird

In this section will help you sort this all out and learn how to configure the product you wish to use. If you need help with anything be sure to call us at 783-3454 or Email us at help@owt.com and we'll help you!