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Downloading Windows Live Mail

Step 1

There is no Email client software included with Windows 7. Microsoft recommends that you download and install Windows Live Mail.

From the Start menu select All Programs.

Step 2

From the All Programs menu select Accessories.

Step 3

From the Accessories menu select Getting Started.

Step 4

Select Go online to get Windows Live Essentials

Step 5

Step 6

Click on the Download button.

Step 7

Click on Save File.

Step 8

Wait a bit for you download to complete.

Step 9

Select the programs you wish to install (just Mail for this exercise but you may select others)

Step 10

Now you must wait for the downloads and installation. Might be a while.

Step 11

You may optionally select to set your search provider (here you need to decide if you want Bing! or Google basically). You can also set your default home page or Microsoft will force their page on you. You can also choose to give Microsoft diagnostic information from your system (safe but not a big deal).

Step 12

If you do not have a Windows Live ID (you probably do) you will need to sign up now.