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Networking Hardware

At the heart of any network is the single most important piece of hardware: the router. Even residential users will have a router these days and that router is not only responsible for routing your Internet requests but it also acts as your first line of defense against attacks from the outside world. 

Unless you spent big bucks for your router your router is likely a sub $100 piece of consumer-grade hardware that should be your first consideration in any outage.  These routers just don't seem to last.  While one might last almost too long and be an issue for other reasons we all too commonly see these devices fail abruptly and in strange ways.  

Typically if a power cycle doesn't solve your router issue there is only one thing to do: reload the router firmware.  If you bring the router to OWT we can usually do this for you but sometimes the router software will have an easy way to do this.  If a firmware reload/upgrade doesn't solve the issue then it is time to consier a new one.  In this section OWT will offer some suggestions for new router options based upon what we have seen in the field.