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OWT offers web based Email (webmail) for all of our users as we have for many many years. Currently we offer two different products: Squirrelmail and RoundCube.  Each has their own advantages but we will continue to support both products as long as we can. Understand that RoundCube will see future upgrades where SquirrelMail is likely to see only security related updates. 


Our legacy webmail product
  • This product is a bit old-school but is simpler and faster.  
  • To access the site please go to: https://webmail.owt.com ;
  • Your username will be just that - it will NOT be followed by @owt.com or any other domain.
  • Your password IS case sensitive.
  • SquirrelMail User Manual


RoundCube is a much newer product and offers some advantages but it is less intuitive to operate. 

Webmail Tip: Not seeing images or formatted messages?

If you want to view messages in webmail in HTML mode you will need to make a settings change. The default text mode is great for fast handling of messages and probably the best way to go for managing your spam account or accounts that don't get a lot of photos sent to it. However, if you receive photos and other graphics quite a bit you might want to enable HTML viewing of Email messages.

To do this simple click on Options in the menu near the top of most any webmail screen. From the Options screen select Display Preferences. About half way down the list of options you will see "Show HTML Version by Default". Select the Yes box to turn this on or the No box to turn it off. Now scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Submit". That's it! Now you will see HTML formatted messages by default.