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Personal Web Page Support

OWT is happy to offer a few tools to help you make your personal web page better. Please note that this documentation pertains to personal web pages only. Commercial developers should see our Commercial Developer Support page.

Your Personal Web Page

Personal Web Pages are available to anyone that has an OWT access account. This is not just an Email account but if you pay for dial-up, DSL, wireless or fiber access to the net via OWT then you are eligible. If you have never requested that your personal web page be activated please make your request using our Personal Web Page Activation Form.

Once activated your address (URL) will be:

users.owt.com/username/ (substitute YOUR username of course)

To FTP content to this site:

FTP Host: oneworld.owt.com - this is the server you will FTP to or "publish to"
Username: [your username]
Password: [your password ] - same as your Email password for the above username

We suggest that you use passive transfer mode in case it is required for your firewall.

Form Mail CGI

OWT offers two form mail CGI packages for use on personal web pages. EZMail is simpler and easier to implement but you may also use the more powerful SmartMail if you wish. Both products will require some knowledge of how to code HTML or at least modify the code generated by your web editor.


Counters or "hit counters" are almost totally obsolete these days. Besides looking really cheesy there are just better ways to do this. We suggest that everyone consider using the free Google Analytics service instead of counters. If you really want to put a counter on your personal web page (NOTE: counters are only supported for pages at users.owt.com) here is how you can do it: You call the counter as a server side include. Here is the code:


Honestly counters are pretty cheesy these days.  Use Google Analytics instead. 

Server Side Includes

The web server serving users.owt.com runs the popular Apache web server and is configured to allow server side includes (SSIs). This is a code-level technology that can be quite convenient for use in site templates etc. Follow the link below to learn more (Warning: Geeky stuff here!). NOTE: OWT has all servers set to parse SSIs on ALL html pages so you do NOT need to use the .shtml extension as shown in most of the examples. .htm and .html will work just fine.