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Multi-Tenant Fiber-Based Access

Select locations in Kennewick have been designated as Multi-Tenant Fiber capable and can suport connection speeds up to 10 Mbps at a very affordable price.  

This type of conntection is fundamentally the same as any fiber circuit on the PUD networks but the gateway to these services will be located in a common location within your building. Usually this is a shared comm room where other telecommuncations services are presented as well but sometimes because of the location of the nearby fiber infrastructure it may be located in one tenant's facilities. In this case the tenant will have agreed to allow others to access this room when needed. 

You will be assigned a "port number" on this gateway device.  If you need to run or replace this cable please make sure you do not disturb the other cables plugged into the device.   Like all fiber-based services we offer this is a simple Ethernet hand-off and should run from the gateway directly into your router or firewall appliance.  You are not sharing anything with the other customers via Ethernet - your port is not shared at all.  From this gateway device your data will travel to the NoaNET operations center nearby and then to OWT where it will go out to the Internet. 

Please do not assumet that this gateway device needs to be rebooted or power cycled if you have some trouble with your connection.  Contact OWT and we will investigate.  It is fairly rare that these devices need to be power cycled anyway but we can determine if this is needed.