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Winter Wonderland

As much as we love to see our customers we urge you to call us before coming down in this winter weather.  For the most part the main roads near OWT are fine but our parking lot is less than ideal and we don't want anyone to get stuck or hurt.  Give us a call for an update on conditions before you drive to our location. 

Stay Safe!

We are here to help!

If you need help configuring our computer, tablet or mobile device please be aware that we are here to help you.  You can bring your device into us and we can configure it for you FREE. Of course you can call us at 783-3454 or even Email us at help@owt.com but if you want to avoid the frustration you can just bring it in.  

New computer? Bring it in and we can configure it for you and even help migrate your old content to a new system. 


Heartbleed [Medium]Many of you have probably heard about the Heartbleed vulnerability that is all over the news.  We just wanted to let you know that to the extent this could have affected OWT services we have patched things and we are not at all vulnerable.