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OWT Mail Filtering

This seciton of our site explains our mail filtering services.  Before you get into that there are just a few things you should know:

  1. We do almost NO spam filtering unless you request it.  We only filter the most heinous spam. We are one of the very few ISPs that don't force filtering down your throat. However, if you want it we've got it!
  2. We DO filter virus', trojans and worms and other malware that we are able to scan.  This does NOT mean you should not have your own anti-virus products! We are unable to scan very large files and so Windows users need their own protection.  Mac and Linux users probably don't need to get too excited but your day is almost here and so we are suggesting that you start thinking about anti-virus protection as your time appears to be coming.  
  3. You can set your mail filter up in such a way that you will lose Email you wanted.  You need to be careful. We suggest a conservative approach at the beginning and then tighten your settings over time.  You do not have to drop (delete) any Email. You can have all suspected spam delivered to a special mailbox account we call a "spambox".  These are free so don't overlook this capability - this is really the magic in our mail filtering process.  Your spambox acts as your safety net.  We will automatically purge older Email from that account but if something is filtered you can simply retrieve it from that account.  Read more in this section to learn how.