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Virus Filtering

Our Email system will automatically scan all Email for known viruses. Despite this, we strongly urge all Windows users to run anti-virus software on their computers and keep it up to date. When our system encounters a virus it will do its best to remove it from your attachment. If it can not it will just delete the attachment. Either way you will be notified clearly in the Email message.

Virus scanning is not an optional service. Virus proliferation is a major reason for Internet slowdowns and traffic jams - it must be controlled for the Internet to remain effective. Like our spam recognition system, the virus scanner will modify the Email header to indicate the results of the virus scan. A non-infected message would look something like:

X-MailScanner: clean, Found to be clean And an infected message might look like: X-MailScanner: infected, Found to be clean

The above example shows that the virus was detected and removed. Details of the virus are usually found in the message body or an attachment to the Email. Note that since many viruses are sent from bogus addresses we DO NOT notify the sender of an infected message - only the recipient.