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Mail Filter Quick Start Guide

Unsolicited Commercial Email - better known as spam, is a tremendous problem these days. We all hate it. Most providers have taken steps to minimize it as have individual users but in the end the spammers will always be one step ahead and will design their messages to look as much like standard correspondance as possible so that no filter can eliminiate it.

While we must all tolerate some amount of spam there are certainly things that can be done to keep the amount of spam under control. We have tried to design the OWT Mail Filter to be as easy to use and understand as possible. However, spam filtering is a complex issue and you will need to understand some basic concepts to be able to configure the filter properly for your needs.

This guide is not meant to be a detailed guide with detailed explanations of every term and concept. This guide is intended to help those familiar with basic Email terminology and web navigation techniques. If you are not able to understand some of the more advanced issues mentioned here, we suggest that you contact our technical support staff or at least utilize only the features you do understand. If you are just fed up with spam and want to reduce it without learning any of this just call our tech support staff at 783-3454 and we will enable a basic filter for you. This will reduce your spam substantially but it will not be optimal.

This filter is a very powerful tool. Along with the power to minimize the unsolicited Email you receive comes the power to reject mail you may wish to see. Make sure you understand how the filter works before entering your settings.