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Apple Mail

Launch Apple Mail (just called Mail really).

Under the menu option "Mail" select "Preferences"

From the icons along the top click on Accounts.

If you are setting up a new account click the :+ in the lower left corner. If you are editing and existing account click on that account in the account list along the left.

Apple Mail: New Account Setup; Incoming Mail Server

If you create a new account the dialog will ask you for your Full Name; Email address and password (both provided to you by OWT). Enter that information and click Continue.

Now you will need to enter information about the Incoming Mail Server:

Account Type: POP (advanced users can use IMAP however)

Description: We suggest you enter OWT here but it isn't critical Incoming Mail Server: pop3.owt.com

Your User Name and Password should already be entered in the appropriate boxes.

Click Continue

If a dialog appears discussing an invalid certificate just hit Connect.

Apple Mail: New Account Setup; Outgoing Mail Server

Now you will need to provide information about the Outgoing Mail Server:

Description: OWT

Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.owt.com

Do check the box labled "Use only this server"

Do check the box labeled "Use Authentication"

Enter your User Name (again)

Enter your Password (again)

Click Continue It may take some time as Mail tries to determine how things are configured so be patient. After it is finally done you will see a summary screen. Just click Create to finalize the process.

Apple Mail: Advanced Settings

From the main Accounts screen (Mail : Preferences : Accounts icon) click onn the Advanced tab near the top.

Enable this account (should be checked obviously) Include when automatically checking for new mail (checked unless you don't want it to).

Remove copy from server after retrieving a message (check this and select from the menu below) Right away (for most users) --- any of the rest should be selected only if you know what you are doing.

It can be useful to leave messages on the server when you are traveling or when checking from a secondary location.

  • After one day
  • After one week
  • After one month

Prompt me to skip messages over ____ KB (this setting can be useful for dial-up users if you don't want to see the latest funny movie your friend sent that will take 20 minutes to download)

Port: 110

We suggest that you DO check use SSL for added security but this is not required. 

Authentication: Password