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Security - Virus - Spyware

We take security very seriously at OWT. However, since we offer a wide range of services to a wide range of users we can only do so much. We do offer virus scanning of INCOMING Email and we are diligent to stay up on the latest security updates for our servers. The end user must take measures to protect themselves. Every Windows user simply MUST have some sort of virus protection. We can recommend a free product that may be enough for dial-up users and others that can understand its limitations but you just have to have some sort of virus protection that is updated virtually every day to be safe running Windows on the net. Mac and Linux users are not immune from this sort of thing but have not become much of a target yet but that could change at any time. Windows users also must have some soft of spyware program. Another section of this site will discuss this at a later time.


SSL / TLS Encryption

OWT employs Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption (now frequently called Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption) with many of our services. Basically this helps ensure your privacy is not compromised. Here are a few of the ways OWT utilizes this type of security:

  • Outgoing Email services (smtp.owt.com)
  • Incoming Email services (pop3.owt.com)
  • Webmail services (https://webmail.owt.com)
  • Secure web transactions (https://secure.owt.com)