Mac users have largely been immune from virus issues since their inception in 1984.  Other than some Word macro viruses and a few specific malware strapped to legitimate installers Macs have really not had to deal with security issues -- until now.  

Apple continues to do a great job of updating Macs either in the background or through security updates to protect them from most malware but no it seems to be more prevalent and we must be more vigilant.  Disabling Flash and Java prevents mitigates much of this risk but malware authors are becoming increasingly interested in the Mac and ransomware is now a real threat. 

There are a number of anti-virus products for the Mac as many players got in early with free offerings until this inevitable day arrived.  At this point the two that we have had good luck with are Webroot and Bitdefender but others are available and some are even in the Mac App Store although we feel the more complete packages are not App Store compatible.

Anti-Virus/Malware Recommendations