Released on September 30, 2015. We are running El Capitan on a few machines and overall are pretty happy with it. As with all Mac OS updates your computer will run slowly after the update but after a day our results were good.

Faster launch times and some improved performance but a few changes took some adaptation.

Apple Mail - rules seem to run before SmartMailbox assignments forcing a rework of many SmartMailboxes

Notes - this is dramatically improved! If you have an iOS device upgraded to IOS 9 and use Notes you will need to upgrade for compatibility.

Software compatibility seems pretty good. Even with the beta we had very few problems.Older Adobe software might be problematic and anything that tinkers with the system at all will likely need a significant update.

If your Mac was able to run Mac OS 10.10 "Yosemite" then it can also run 10.1.Overall we recommend this update.

With all updates and upgrades OWT is here to help.  If you are uncomfortable with the upgrade or just want to use our fat Internet connection bring your system to OWT and we can do the update for you economically.