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Virus/Spyware Removal

OWT has an outstanding reputation for virus removal of home or office computers. As an ISP we have an advantage over other companies offering this service since we are on the “front lines” of the Internet and are able to be informed of and react to the newest viruses well before much of the public is even aware of them. Viruses and infections change constantly and we change with them, researching and staying up to date with the current best removal tools on the market in order to battle what ever problem system comes through our doors.

Prior to the virus, spyware, malware and/or root-kit removal, every system will receive a "System Clean-up". Our system clean-up entails removing unnecessary temporary files, caches and prefetch files used not only by Windows, but all programs on your system.



OWT Customers

Non-OWT Customers

Basic Virus Removal Service
Lightly infected system: having few infections and/or pop-ups or spyware and able to be cleaned with minimal effort by our technicians.



Rigorous Virus Removal Service
Heavily infected system: extreme amount of infections and spyware and may require registry maintenance and/or manual file removal using unlocking methods.



Extreme Virus Removal Service
Same as above but hard drive and operating system corruption requires operating system repairs.



Other Services Available (at affordable rates!):

  • Clean installation of Windows (requires your
  • Windows disks and registration info)
  • Memory (RAM) Installation
  • Hard Drive installation
  • Drive backup and restore, imaging/cloning
  • Data transfer from one computer to another
  • Driver or software installation Complex troubleshooting of hardware and software

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