Light BulbA great many of our customers have a wireless router in their home or office location that distributes their Internet connection to the various devices they own such as phones, tablets, computers and game consoles.  This is a great technology and immensely convenient but users should recognize this is also the most likely part of their connectivity to go wrong.  Below are some quick tips to keep in mind when running a wireless access point:

  • A great many devices use similar frequencies.  Bluetooth and Wi-Fi use similar frequencies and many devices in the home or office also use Wi-Fi and it is possible for these devices to interfere with one other.  If you are having problems, try to keep these devices a few feet apart if possible.  

  • Wi-Fi is very much a line-of-sight technology but it will penetrate most walls to some extent.  Accross an open room you should have a strong signal but devices that are far from the Wi-Fi router or have a lot of metal or plumbing between them may have issues.  If it is only distance then consider a Wi-Fi extender product.  We can help with that. If there are appliances between the devices then moving the router is your best bet.  Don't hide the router underneath a desk or behind a cabinet.  Try to have the router fairly high in the room and without any obstructions and certainly away from other electronics.  

  • If there is a microwave operating nearby that will generally always kill a local Wi-Fi transmission. 

  • Generally you should be able to have a computer, cell phone, tablet and even Bluetooth headset all in close proximity to one another without interference but if you are troubleshooting minimize these issues nonetheless.  

  • If the Wi-Fi router is on a separate floor and the access point is not obstructed in anyway and connectivity is still poor consider a Wi-Fi extender placed somewhere between the two devices.  

  • Motors, refrigerators and some other appliances can interfere with Wi-Fi connectivity sometimes.  Keep this in mind when deciding where to place your routers. 

  • Wired connections are always preferred to wireless when possible.  If you digital video device, game console, computer or other device can be connected to your router with an Ethernet cable that is always preferable to a wireless connection.  If you need affordable Ethernet cables at any length we can help with that. 

Ethernet and Wireless Routers and Extenders