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Windows XP

Step 1 - Category View

Click on your Start Menu and select Control Panel from the right side of the menu. Now you will be in one of two modes. If you screen looks like the screen at the right follow this and the next step. If it doesn't then go to Step 1 - Classic View. Click on the Network and Internet Connections category.

Step 2 - Category View

Click on the Network Connections control panel.

Step 1 - Classic View

From the Start Menu select Control Panels. If in Classic View mode you should see a screen SIMILAR to the one on the right. Click on the Network Connections control panel. Continue to Step 3 (there is no Step 2 for Classic View)

Step 3

If you already have a dial-up configuration (hopefully called OWT but it may not be) double click on that icon. If you do not already have an OWT dial-up icon. Click on Create a new connection from the menu on the left.

Step 4

In the User name field enter the username given to you by OWT followed by @owt.com

eg. username@owt.com

Then enter the Password you were given as well. In the Dial field enter the appropriate phone number for your city.

  • Kennewick: 591-4025
  • Pasco: 492-5029
  • Richland: 591-4025
  • Benton City: 588-7153

See the link below for more phone numbers when available. Click Dial to test your connection.

After clicking Dial in the above dialog you will simply need to confirm that you wish to save the new settings as in the dialog shown. Click Yes and your dial-up is configured!