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Mac OS X

Step 1

Select System Preferences from the Apple menu in the upper left corner. From the System Preferences menu click on Network.

Step 2

Click on the Internal Modem from the menu on the left (it may look different than shown).

Step 3

From the Configuration menu on the right select Add Configuration. Name the configuration OWT

Step 4

In the Dial field enter the appropriate phone number for your city.

  • Kennewick: 591-4025
  • Pasco: 492-5029
  • Richland: 591-4025
  • Benton City: 588-7153

See the link below for more phone numbers when available. Enter the username given to you by OWT in the Account Name field. Enter the password given to you by OWT in the Password field. Click Apply to save your settings.

You may now click on Connect to test your settings.